Infinite rooms experiment
This week we're starting an experiment with a much-requested feature:
infinite rooms
We want to test the changes and get your feedback before we fully launch such a big change. To convert any room to "infinite," open the main menu (the W in the bottom left corner) and select "Experiments."
When a room is infinite, it will show up that way for everyone in the room.
You can toggle infinite off and on for individual rooms.
If you get lost or something doesn't work right, try toggling it back off - and then send us a bug report!
When you toggle infinite off, any accessories that are outside the normal room boundaries will be moved back in - so be aware that your stuff will get rearranged.
We'll decide how we want to proceed with infinite rooms as we gather some feedback. Let us know what you like or don't like about it!
A new way to communicate with us
We've added in a dedicated chat so you can talk to us any time you what. Feel free to reach out to us to report bugs, request features, or just say 'hi'.
Updated how room invite links work
We've made inviting team members to your room even easier. You'll now see your room invite link as the default way to invite people when you create a room. As well, we've provided some calendar templates to make sending out meeting invites even quicker.
Persistent zoom
With now remembers your zoom level between sessions on the same device! This is an experimental feature, let us know what you think.
We also fixed some bugs with gestures today, especially with rooms that have a lot of embedded web content. Panning and moving items should be smoother now!
Sticky note improvements
We added the ability to change the Sticky Note color. Use it to triage ideas, mark things done, or anything else you want!
Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 12
New avatars
We added 20 abstract avatars which fit right at home in With!
Bugfixes and tweaks
Sometimes, it's the little things. Here's some changes we made today to improve your experience:
  • Media can now be resized as big as you want
  • Fixed a bug with clicking the "Markdown cheatsheet" link in Sticky Note
  • Improved stability of the mobile experience
  • "Reconnecting" notification no longer overlaps the main menu button
  • Addressed a conflict with the
    keyboard shortcut in some browsers
Recenter yourself
We've cleaned up and rearranged some parts of the UI, and added a new button to center the camera on you. Use it if you get lost!
CleanShot 2021-03-23 at 15
You'll find the centering button at the top right of the screen, along with the zoom controls and wallpaper picker.
Transparent images
Transparency is now supported in image uploads!
We've also released a few small fixes this morning:
  • Fixed a problem on Mac where the camera would get 'stuck' zooming
  • Changelog update indicator has been moved inside the main menu onto the changelog button
Invite link
With now features an even easier way to invite people to join you in your room. Just grab the new invite link from the share menu and send it to anyone, anyway you want. Send it in a text message, set it as the With room for a Slack channel, or add it to a meeting invite.
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